Challenge 1: Cyanotype:

The Photographic Process

Project Description


Photographic Print: Cyanotype

Creating an image without a camera can be challenging since it’s necessary to determine how the image processing works. Using photosensitive chemicals and sunlight, one can creatively make an image with simple composition skills.

On this assignment, you should include skills that demonstrate the following:

  • Rule of Thirds
  • How to create an image with photographic material
  • Understanding how photosensitive material works
  • Simplicity
  • Organization

Using the Cyanotype process, create a print of an image of your own creation. Learn how to block the light to darken areas of the image while leaving some areas lighter.
Be creative. You can arrange your composition in numerous ways. The trick is to block the light with objects to create the image you want. Try something unique!
Get in close. Capture just a part of the subject. Creating shapes is easier when you fill the frame with the subject, using the frame itself to help create the shapes.

This is a composition exercise to understand the photographic imaging process using photosensitive materials. You should have captured an image by using objects and materials to block the sunlight during exposure of the photosensitive material on paper.

Skill in creating a simple, clean composition. Minimalism, organization, your own creation. You should show that you understand the photographic imaging process and how light affects the photosensitive materials.


Upload your Photo


  • BE NAMED CORRECTLY: FILENAME: Your#-YourName-Assignment-Description.jpg.
  • Have the TITLE and CAPTION added in the Lightroom METADATA panel before exporting/uploading.
  • HAVE YOUR NAME AND COPYRIGHT EMBEDDED FOR CREDIT. Embed your info with your Metadata Preset in the Import Dialog Box in Lightroom when importing your photos.

After you upload your photo, turn in your PDF Contact Sheet to the Hand-in Folder BEFORE DUE DATE to receive a grade. Grades are not issued without a contact sheet.

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Project Details

  • Client Basic Film Photography
  • Date September 27, 2016
  • Tags BFP Challenges

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