Project Description

Photography Timeline

A History of Imaging

To learn how photography developed and evolved, we will be creating a timeline with specific events and themes to help understand where photography came from and who was involved in the process. We will also explore cameras and old photographs that developed along the way, from the Camera Obscura to the Digital Age. Although the process hasn’t changed much, the technology and results show a fantastic progression, from rudimentary prints to photos made with pixels.

The first recorded image by Nicephore Niepce, 1926, France


You will be graded on:

  • Neatness and organization
  • Facts and figures
  • Completeness

The Project

In groups, you will be making a Photography History Timeline banner. There are several points you will need to know for this unit:

  • The first photograph – When, where and who. What was the process?
  • The Daguerreotype Process – When, where and who. What was the process?
  • George Eastman – What company did he start? What did he invent?
  • What is a “Camera Obscura?”

Each group must choose a different theme, but they all must have the main Photography History line. Your group will need to pick one of these themes:

  • Sports
  • People/Documentary
  • National Geographic
  • World Events
  • US Events
  • Fashion Styles
  • Photo/Camera Types and Styles
  • Architecture

You will have two class periods to complete it. And then we’ll hang them in the hall, so make it rock!

DAY 1 – Collaborate and Collect

DAY 1 – Collaborate and Collect

Choose a leader, make assignments and delegate responsibilities.

First, PLAN OUT YOUR TIMELINE. To get an “A” grade, timelines must include the following items:

  • First photographic image – by whom, where and when
  • Daguerreotype process – created when and by who and what is it (include sample image).
  • 3 important events in photography by George Eastman/Kodak with dates and description
  • 6 photographic historical developments – from Camera Obscura to Digital with dates/what (include images)
  • At least 6-10 photos based on your theme, infused into your timeline with dates and descriptions

Second, use online research tools to gather photos, diagrams, drawings, etc. Or make them yourself!

Day 2 – Create and Complete

Day 2 – Create and Complete

Create your timeline banner for placing your people, places, photos, things and events using the provided banner paper, starting from 1826 on the left to the present on the right. Be creative and artistic! You may use all of the materials in class, glue, paper, scissors, markers, etc. Think QUICK SCRAPBOOK. Make it any style (steampunk, grafitti, classical, Art Deco, whatever). Indicate what THEME you chose on your banner.

Hang your timeline in the hall at EYE level.


Project Details

  • Client DUE: Sept 8
  • Date September 1, 2014
  • Tags BFP Lessons, BFP Unit 1

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