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Photoshop Selections

Project Description


  1. Watch the video.
  2. Select an image in your Lightroom Catalog/Library.
  3. CTRL+CLICK the photo and select EDIT IN>PHOTOSHOP from the pop-up menu (COPY WITH LIGHTROOM ADJUSTMENTS)
  4. Follow what you learned in the video tutorial to make a selection in your photo. Modify your photo or combine it with another photo based on your selection.
  5. Save your work as a .PSD file (Photoshop file).
  6. Return to LIGHTROOM and open the location of your PSD file by CTRL+Clicking on the photo and selecting “View in FINDER.”

When the Finder window opens, drag and drop your .PSD file to the TRAPANE HAND-IN FOLDER.

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Project Details

  • Date May 13, 2016
  • Tags BDP Labs

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