Career Exploration

Project Description

Career Exploration

You will be exploring a career in photography for this exercise based on the career path you chose previously.


The assignments are as follows:

  • Makayla Marshall: Commercial (Product & Stock Photography)
  • Talia Worlton: Photojournalism and Magazine (National Geographic)
  • Emily Perkins: Family Portraiture
  • Alyssa Torres: Fashion & Modeling
  • Kelsey Earl: Architecture & Real Estate Photography
  • Connor Hitesman: Special FX/Retouching/Editing
  • Kalli Atkinson: Commercial (Marketing & Advertising) Photography
  • Abby Taylor: Fine Art Photography
  • Scott Adams: Scientific and Educational Imaging
  • Sara Frame: Outdoor Photography
  • Savannah Burrell: Nature/Wildlife Photography
  • Annie Ruiz: Travel Photography
  • Shaylee Andreasen: Marine & Underwater Photography
  • Garett Hartwell: Sports Photography
  • Katie Jones: Culinary & Food Photography

Prepare a Google Doc on your school Google Drive account, name it “Your#—YourName—Careers.doc” and share it with Mr. Trapane.


Research your career and respond to the following:

  • Describe the nature of the work and the working conditions.
  • What are the physical demands of this career?
  • What is the educational requirement needed for this career.
  • Does it need a degree? What Colleges/Universities offer this degree?
  • Are there additional qualifications or certifications needed for this career?
  • What are the possible earnings and job outlook for this field? Annual Salary?
  • What are two related occupations that interest you?
  • How does your interest and personality match up with this career?
  • What are the professional standards attached to this career (9-5, freelance, deadlines, responsibility, etc.)
  • What is the typical workflow/lifestyle for this career?


  • Sample/example photos
  • Links to notable photographers websites
  • Links to YouTube Videos about your career
  • Links to info from schools that offer programs
  • Links to reference material used in your research


You will be creating a blog post on the website with this information at a later time.


Project Details

  • Client DUE: Oct 2
  • Date September 18, 2014
  • Tags ACP Exercises, ACP Unit 1
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