Final Portfolio

How to Build your Portfolio

You will need to edit, output, print and mount three of your photos with an Artist’s Statement attached to the back and present them in your portfolio. Your portfolio is worth 300 points, so choose your best work.

Only portfolios that are properly sized, named and output correctly will be accepted.

File Preparation

  1. Select your BEST THREE photos and edit them using the skills learned in class. Photos should be well composed, cleaned up, cropped, straightened, adjusted, corrected, etc. You may use compositing techniques using selection, clone stamping, and other effects, but do not go overboard.
  3. Export your photo with the TURN IN template to the Trapane Hand In Folder to be printed. RENAME YOUR PHOTO ON EXPORT! In the file renaming section, name each photo with your FILE NAMING TEMPLATE and include PORTFOLIO in the custom text box .
  4. Upload your three photos to YOUR ALBUM on the website. FILL IN THE  ARTISTS STATEMENT IN THE UPLOAD BOX.
  5. After you receive your prints, mount them on Archival Acid-Free Matt board.

Your photos will be printed in a standard photo size of  8×10 inches at 300ppi (more about standard photo sizes here).

Artist’s Statements

You will need to write an Artist’s Statement for each photo. Do not write about the Photo Challenges, write about your photo.

Need help with your statement? Try these websites: – Tips for writing Artist’s Statements for Photography. – This will generate a sample that you can customize for your personal works (do not use it without modification). – Another sampler.

Or to be more personal, just write it yourself!

Your Album