Tutorial: Action Sequence Shots

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to combine action sequence shots with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.

1: Open your sequence photos into Photoshop.

screenshot 1

2: Put all your photos on one tab using the keys “Ctrl,Tab,A,C,F4,V.”

screenshot 2

3: Align all photos by doing (Select All Layers, Edit: Auto Align Layers).

screenshot 3

4: Crop the white that is around edges of photo with the “Crop” tool.

screenshot 4

5: Select just first and second photo layer. Select mask button. Select main area of object or person.

screenshot 5

6: Press “Q” to exit. Press “Backspace” or “Delete,” then “Ctrl D” to deselect. Repeat for each layer.

screenshot 6

screenshot 7

7: After you have done that for each layer, select each layer one at a time and erase around each person or object that is overlapping with the “Eraser” tool.

screenshot 8


screenshot 9

8: Select all layers and merge them together with “Ctrl E.”

screenshot 10

Then you’re done!