Herriman Photo Students Win Big at State Fair

Salt Lake City, Utah

Herriman High Photo Students Win Big at the 2014 Utah State Fair

Starting off this year with a quick task, Mr. Trapane’s advanced photography students were encouraged to enter the State Fair Photography Competition with the entry deadline only days after school started. Six students worked to prepare and mount their photos to State Fair requirements and drove down on their own time to the Utah State Fairpark to enter the competition. Six entered and six walked away with ribbons… And not just six ribbons—the six that entered claimed 10 ribbons total in the Young Amateur Competition for ages 13-17.

There are 24 different lots (categories) in each age group and choosing which one your photo belongs in is not always easy. A maximum of 4 ribbons are awarded in each lot with a few additional honorable mentions and many other great photographs that don’t place. Each photographer is allowed a maximum of 3 entries and encouraged to enter different lots since you cannot win two ribbons in the same category.

Herriman High Students were awarded the following ribbons:

  • Savannah Burrell, Junior, won a 1st Place ribbon in the Fair Theme ~ “Greatest Hits.”
  • Emily Perkins, Senior, won a 2nd place and a 3rd place ribbon.
  • Kelsey Earl, Senior, 3rd Place.
  • Sara Frame, Junior, takes home a 2nd Place.
  • Abby Taylor, Senior, takes home 3 ribbons; two 4th place and an honorable mention which means that Abby won a ribbon for every photograph she entered.
  • Shaylee Andreassen, Junior, won a 2nd place ribbon and an honorable mention. Shaylee’s second place photograph also won Superintendent’s choice award at the HHS Photo Showcase in May and will soon be hanging in her office.

These students are amazingly talented photographers and hope to see continued success throughout the coming year as they participate in the Photo Club, SkillsUSA and continue developing their photography skills with Mr. Trapane in Herriman High’s Commercial Art and Photography Program.

So be sure to head on down to the State Fair which is open through Sunday, September 14, 2014 and check it out.
See all the entries below:
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