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ColorTouchMovie Poster Shot

Creating an effective image for the purpose of promoting a movie is always a complicated endeavor. Add to that the audience expectations inherent in bringing a beloved fictional character to the big screen, and you’ve got a truly big challenge.

Create a photo that can be used on a movie poster. Use any genre of movie (but keep it appropriate!). TITLE YOUR PHOTO WITH THE MOVIE TITLE.

Research MOVIE POSTERS on Google, and look at samples in Google images. For best fit, TAKE YOUR PHOTOS IN PORTRAIT ORIENTATION!

Also, the studio can be very useful for this theme.

Creativity and thought in setting up a shot. Using Photoshop to edit your image and prepare it for a movie poster.

Upload your Photo

YOUR PHOTOS MUST HAVE YOUR NAME AND COPYRIGHT EMBEDDED FOR CREDIT. Embed your info via the Photo Downloader in Bridge. After you upload your photo, turn in your PDF Contact Sheet to the Hand-in Folder BEFORE DUE DATE to receive a grade. Grades are not issued without a contact sheet.


  • RESOLUTION: 1024px at 72ppi (wide or tall)
  • FORMAT: JPG saved at quality 7
  • FILENAME: PC#-your#-yourname-1024.jpg

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