Fill it Up


Sam Bolduc

Sam Bolduc

Fill it Up

Showing interest and impact in a photograph is the goal of good photography. Although many photos have a single focal point, interest and impact can also be achieved with no focal point. Artistic and interesting photos are often created by filling the frame with complex, repeating patterns that create visual interest.

The Challenge”]Choose a subject and fill the frame with it. Repeating, complex images that create interest. Use good lighting techniques, fill the frame, use good composition and remember there is no focal point in this challenge.
NO LOGOS OR ICONIC OBJECTS (brands, labels, Ipods etc).
Use Photoshop to edit your shot using the appropriate tools to clean up any flaws or imperfections. Keep it simple and clean.

Use complex imagery and repetition to create an interesting, unified photo. Fill the frame with complex, repeating detail. Capture balance WITHOUT creating a focal point.

Skills with composition. Creating a complex balanced image using repetition. Proper lighting composition rules.

Upload your Photo

YOUR PHOTOS MUST HAVE YOUR NAME AND COPYRIGHT EMBEDDED FOR CREDIT. Embed your info via the Photo Downloader in Bridge. After you upload your photo, turn in your PDF Contact Sheet to the Hand-in Folder BEFORE DUE DATE to receive a grade. Grades are not issued without a contact sheet.


  • RESOLUTION: 1024px at 72ppi (wide or tall)
  • FORMAT: JPG saved at quality 7
  • FILENAME: PC#-your#-yourname-1024.jpg

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