FP-Controlled Photo

Final Project

Controlled Photography

For this project, you will be creating a totally controlled photograph. We will go through the whole workflow from idea to sketch to moodboard to final.

Idea and Sketches

Before you shoot your photos, you must first come up with an idea or concept of what you want to communicate. It can be based on fact or fiction, reality or fantasy. But it must be of your own creation. You will need to write/sketch out your idea and compositions.

DUE: April 29


Create a moodboard detailing your idea including examples of:

    • Color Scheme
    • Style/treatment
    • Genre
    • Props/Staging
    • Possible Test photos
    • Anything else you can include to help you visualize your idea

DUE: May 9

Your Final Composition must:

    • Be edited using Lightroom and Photoshop IN CLASS.
    • Not be your original image, but be sure your original files are preserved.
    • Be clean, neat and well-finished using the tools provided in Photoshop.
    • Be a specific size: You will need a final image that measures 11”x14” at 300 ppi for printing in the lab.
    • Be saved with the proper name in your Project  folder in TWO formats: Your original PSD and a JPG.
    • Include your final photo and other secondary/individual shots in your portfolio.

DUE: May 23


We will be printing the project on the Photo printer in the Photo Lab. Follow these instructions:

    • Print your 11×14 image on the Epson printer (after instruction and approval).
    • Using white photo tape, put a label with your name and number on the back (bottom right corner).