Ribbons – Color Values

Learning about Color  Values

Create a work of art that incorporates at least 3 objects of choice and demonstrates ribbons wrapping, twisting, and overlapping. Parts of the drawing must touch each edge of the paper and ribbons must loop or pass through the objects. Create a colored pencil value scale and apply appropriate values to ribbons.

ribbons 2


  1. Drawing must contain at least 3 objects of choice.
  2. Parts of the drawing must touch all edges of the paper.
  3. Ribbons must twist, overlap, wrap, and go through objects.
  4. Artwork must demonstrate a full range of color value and “shine” in ribbons.
  5. Demonstrate a well thought-out composition.
  6. Demonstrate creativity of design and originality of idea.
  7. Demonstrate best effort and adherence to art studio guidelines.