Using Your Photo Journal

How to set up and use your Photo Journal

For this class you will need a dedicated composition book to keep notes, sketches and diagrams, handouts and for other assignments. You will be logging your research and reflection for the Artist of the Week as well as the Topic of the Week.


Create a TITLE PAGE with your name and number. You can print and paste a photo for decoration.

Create a TABLE OF CONTENTS page for logging all entries for easy study. Number your pages.

Class Notes

Your Photo Journal will become your study guide and will be used for class quizzes. Take notes for all lessons. Some will be guided, but it is up to you to take thorough notes. Notes may include activities, drawings, sketches Diagrams and Handouts.


You will receive a grade for your journal 2-3 times per quarter. 100 points for each grading period.

Artist of the Week Page

Once a week, we will look at an artist and photograph at the beginning of class. This is individual reflection time (10 min).  Use a FULL PAGE and include:

  • Artist Name and Today’s Date
  • Sketch of artwork/composition in a rectangle (top).
  • Critique/Reflection Paragraph. Include your thoughts: Likes/Dislikes; What works/doesn’t work. Use the Elements/Principles/Composition terms in your reflection/critique:

ELEMENTS: Line, Shape, Value, Form, Texture, Color, Space
PRINCIPLES: Balance, Emphasis, Rhythm/Repetition/Pattern, Scale/Proportion, Unity/Variety, Contrast, Movement
COMPOSITION: Rule of 3rds, Fill Frame, Frame in a Frame, Leading Lines, Triangle/Circle, Rhythm, Positive/Negative Space

Topic of the Week Page

You will need to research an assigned topic (internet research – use material/links on the website). Use a FULL PAGE and include:

  • Topic Summary. Look up the term and summarize what you learn in a paragraph.
  • Drawings/Diagrams to explain concepts.