BDP-Week 8

We’ll be practicing and getting everyone up to speed on the Digital Workflow this week. Between computer lab glitches and other nonsense in class (you know who you are), it seems that some of you are not up to speed with the process of turning in the Photo Challenges. I have come up with some fun and interesting activities to get us going so we can move on. Now really! You should have the workflow down by now! 🙂

If you are still struggling, please come see me or use open lab time to practice and learn. If you have not learned how to download, develop and resize your photos, you will get frustrated and not enjoy the class and miss all the fun! And I would not want that to happen to any of you.

If you have any questions, use the comment section at the bottom or send me an email. I will try to answer each as quickly as possible.


October 14, 2013

We only have two classes this week (Mon. & Wed) due to Fall Break starting on Thursday.


Good Work!

JOURNALS! You guys have been doing great with your journals. Keep it up!


The third Photo Challenge winner has been posted. Congratulations go to Audrey Donohue! Go check out her photos.

Challenge Master

This Week’s Journal Entries

TAKE NOTES IN CLASS! And, be sure to title, date and number your pages and create an entry in your Table of Contents.


Sam Abell

We will be looking at his work and style on Thursday this week in preparation for the next Photo Challenge.

Google Search

Artist of the Week


Depth of Field

Research and summarize the topic in a paragraph on one page of your journal. Include a printed sample and tape/glue them on the page with a description.

Google Search • Cambridge in Color

This Week’s Resources

PowerPoint: Depth of Field

Assignments and Assessments

Due This Week

  • POSTPONED — NEW! Scavenger Hunt: (Assessment) – Instead of a quiz this week, you will be going on a Scavenger Hunt (internet) to find photos that demonstrate what we learned about COMPOSITION and the Elements and Principles of Design. Get the assignment HERE.
  • PIXEL QUIZ: CLOSES FRIDAY. Will still be on Skyward this week. All quizzes are open book, so you only have one shot. Use your notes, Google, or the class website for answers. I would rather you find the right answer than not know it at all. The Pixels and Resolution Study Guide is located here.

Weekly Regulars

  • JOURNAL: Include your TOPIC and ARTIST of the Week and TAKE NOTES! – You should be taking notes on all of the class instruction. Be sure to title and number your pages and create an entry in your table of contents.
  • PHOTO CHALLENGE – We are skipping this week to take care of some other things. We will resume next week.

Other Items

  • Rate Photos: Go to the Student Galleries on the class website and RATE and FAVORITE your peer’s photos!
  • AdobeTV: Sign in to AdobeTV with your AdobeID and watch tutorials on PhotoShop and InDesign.
  • Practice: Go to the resources tab on the website and check out the photo and tutorial websites.


Layers Deep

OPENS: Thurs, Oct 10

All photos for this assignment must be shot after open date.

DUE: Wed, Oct 16

Late Credit for one week.
NO CREDIT after one week late.

Layers Deep


The Ansel Zone

OPENS: Tues, Oct 22

All photos for this assignment must be shot after open date.

DUE: Thurs, Oct 31

Late Credit for one week.
NO CREDIT after one week late.

The Ansel Zone