Julie Klaasmeyer

Julie Klaasmeyer

Since 2000, Julie opened her heart and her studio doors, providing only the finest for her clients. She consistently redesigns her product line to offer new and fresh art. She uses primarily natural light and loves to incorporate graphic and image design into her art.

From her blog…

I’d like to share my story…

I wake up excited each and every day, eager to learn, inspire, teach and make a difference in this world.  Although I see myself as a dedicated and hard working woman, I also see that I have been given so many gifts in my life.  I’m blessed with a beautiful family, four unique and amazing children, an unbelievably supportive husband (who I am lucky enough to label as my BFF) and a challenging, yet extremely fulfilling career.  I have the pleasure of working with a group of very talented, hard working and dependable staff that I am proud to call my friends. If you are reading this you either share my interests or value the art in photography.  Please take a look around, send an email or give us a call, we’d love to have the opportunity to make another friend.

About Julie Klaasmeyer – Julie Klaasmeyer owns and operates a 9000 square foot boutique studio in Paola, Kansas.  http://www.jklaasmeyer.com. “Thank you for visiting our site and remember to invest in an artist, PHOTOGRAPHY IS FOREVER!”

Critique the Artwork of the Day

What elements and principles are used? Composition Rules? Are there shapes and forms? What is the subject? What does it communicate and HOW? Break it down into Elements, Principles and Composition.


Line, Shape, Value, Form, Texture, Color, Space


Balance, Emphasis, Rhythm/Repetition/Pattern, Scale/Proportion, Unity/Variety, Contrast, Movement


Fill the Frame, Rule of Thirds, Triangle, Frame in a Frame, Leading Lines, Circle, Rhythm, Positive/Negative Space

Please sketch out the composition and critique the photo below in your photo journal:

Draw the shapes and lines in this composition on your critique sheet. Where does your eye go? Stop? Why? What two principles strongly make this photo interesting?

What are your thoughts? Is there balance in this image? What kind? Pattern? Repetition? What creates the focal point?

Discuss the composition? How does this photo compare/contrast the previous photo?

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