Type Book

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Your Typography Book

Mixed Media

You will be creating an accordion style Typography Book. It will have 10 panels on the inside and 8 panels on the outside. The book must be about you.

On the inside pages (10 panels), follow these instructions:

  1. Find a quote, poem, or song you like or any other verse. You can even make something up yourself.
  2. Using Typography, design pages that communicate the verse with each word. Include art in your design – hand drawn or computer generated.
  3. Use only the center eight pages for your design. The two outside flaps will be attached to your cover. Color or design the flaps on the inside covers however you ‘d like.


On the outside pages (8 panels), follow these instructions:

  1. Select eight emotion words you would like to use for your book.
  2. On each panel, communicate each emotion with art, any medium you wish. You need to incorporate the word into your art.
  3. Use only the center 8 pages for your design. The two outside flaps will be attached to your cover and will be hidden.

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Creating the Spreads

You will need to create FIVE spreads like the one below.


The size is up to you, but your spread must fit on a printable sized paper such as 8½x11 (letter), 8½x14 (legal) or 11×17 (ledger) sized paper, and they must be all equal in size.

Lay out your spread like this in InDesign, including TABS, a ¼” BLEED, FOLDS and CROP MARKS:



You will need to CENTER your layout so you can print on BOTH SIDES and line up the pages appropriately. Create your artwork digitally, or scan/photograph your hand created artwork into the computer, then create your spreads in your InDesign layout.

After creating your page designs and artwork in InDesign, you will print and paste them together using tabs that you include on both sides of the spread as follows:


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Creating the Cover

Create front and back covers that are ½ inch larger than your pages. Design and create it and wrap it around cardboard to make a thick cover.


Then attach your covers to your full spread. With covers attached:


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