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1. The SHOOT

You will be shooting with specific targets and goals for each challenge. To get the shot you need, you will take a minimum of 20 photos for the shoot demonstrating that you have explored the challenge requirements. Set up the shot as needed, focus, adjust settings and capture the best photos you can.


Your full photo shoot (minimum of 20 photos) will be downloaded to a Lightroom catalog (with specific filename and copyright presets and templates). Then you will make a contact sheet (index print) of all the UNEDITED photos and print it out. You will need to edit/adjust the photo you wish to turn in from the shoot, as well as title it and write an artist’s statement that you will include in the image file’s Metadata. You can edit more than one if needed to choose your best shot that best demonstrates the challenge goals.


After editing and applying your Metadata with the Title and Artist’s Statement, you will then export your final photo to the Trapane Hand-In folder using the output presets. Your photo should be edited, cleaned up, output to appropriately sized JPEG, named correctly, then uploaded to the challenge album on the website. Otherwise you will need to fix it before exporting. Print out your photo as an 8×10 with your template. On the class website, you will upload your photo directly from the Hand-in Folder to the appropriate gallery for the challenge. Then turn in your Challenge card with the Contact Sheet and Print attached.

You will be graded on:

  • Exploring Challenge Goals
  • Using Templates & Presets
  • Title/Artist’s Statement
  • Filename (###-FLast-Assignment.jpg)
  • Creating a Contact Sheet
  • Composition and Impact
  • Editing and Adjusting
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