Ansel Adams: The American Photographer:

Creating Rich Black and White Images

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Ansel Adams

Black & White Photography has many challenges since you are creating a Monochromatic image from a Chromatic scene. First, as Ansel Adams taught us, creating a rich image requires VISUALIZATION, or seeing the final result before you begin. Second, capturing a full tonal range with all of the detail in BOTH the shadows and highlights requires techniques that Adams developed when making his photographs. Normally, detail is lost in the shadows or the highlights.  But using Adams’ “ZONE” system, you can retain all of the beautiful detail to create a rich, deep monochrome image.

The Photo Challenge

We will be learning how to convert to Black And White in class. We will also learn how to “Dodge and Burn” your photo in Lightroom/Photoshop.

Photo Challenge

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Ansel Adams Gallery

The PBS Film

From the day that a 14-year-old Ansel Adams first saw the transcendent beauty of the Yosemite Valley, his life was, in his words, “colored and modulated by the great earth-gesture of the Sierra.” Few American photographers have reached a wider audience than Adams, and none has had more impact on how Americans grasp the majesty of their continent. In this elegant, moving and lyrical portrait of the most eloquent and quintessentially American of photographers, producer Ric Burns seeks to explore the meaning and legacy of Adams’ life and work. At the heart of the film are the great themes that absorbed Adams throughout his career: the beauty and fragility of “the American earth,” the inseparable bond of man and nature, and the moral obligation the present owes to the future.

The American Experience: Ansel Adams

We will be watching the Ansel Adams Documentary in class. You will need to take notes and answer some questions about the movie. Take what you learn from Ansel Adams and apply it in your assignment.

The Film Transcript

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