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Project Description


You will be creating a portfolio in Adobe Lightroom’s Book module.

STEP ONE: The Collection

In Lightroom, create a manual collection of the photos from your Library that you want to include in your portfolio. See the AdobeTV video for instructions about how to create a collection.

AdobeTV: Lightroom Collections

  1. First, decide what sections you want to include in your portfolio, and which photos you want for each section.
  2. Then create a Collection Set, and name it “Portfolio.”
  3. Inside that set, create a collection of photos for different sections of your portfolio, and name the collections with the name of each section.

You will need to include the following:

  • Shallow Depth of Field
  • Motion Blur (Slow shutter)
  • Freeze action (Fast Shutter)
  • Shallow Depth of Field
  • Deep Depth of Field
  • Night shot
  • Long Exposure
  • Leading Lines
  • Minimalism
  • Point of View
  • Symmetry
  • Repetition
  • Warm
  • Cool
  • Split Tone
  • Composite
  • Black and White
  • Wide Angle
  • Close Up
  • Texturized/Moody Photo
  • Narrative
  • Architecture
  • Studio Lighting – Object
  • Studio Portrait
  • All Composition Techniques

STEP TWO: Title and Caption

Open your collection in the Library Module. In the panel on the right, you will find the Metadata panel. Fill in the Title and Caption (with a short Artist’s Statement). Include TECHNIQUES you used for each photo.

For example:


Bird in Flight
Canadian Goose flying over Idaho Falls. It took much patience and waiting to be able to capture the wildlife. The best things come to those who wait. TECHNIQUES: Fast Shutter Speed, Deep Depth of Field, Rule of Thirds, Contrast, Emphasis, Minimalism

STEP THREE: Create your Layout

In the Book module, create a layout that you want to use from the various options based on a PDF book. Include section headers.

AdobeTV: The Book Module
AdobeTV: Creating and Publishing a Book

Project Details

  • Client DUE: MAY 22
  • Date May 6, 2015
  • Tags ACP, ACP Assignments

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