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Project Description


Let your imagination run wild as you create a moody. Very few parameters are given and grading is based on creativeness, use of standard rules of art & design, mastery of Photoshop skills, and ability to follow these directions:

  1. You MUST use one of your own images and a free Stock Photography image from
  2. The Conceptual piece MUST be a flattened Jpeg 11×14@ 300dpi.
  3. Open one of your photos in Photoshop (from Lightroom, CTRL click on the photo and select open in Photoshop – select Open with Lightroom Edits)
  4. Download a photo from and place it in a new layer in your Photoshop file.
  5. Use a blend mode to blend the photos.
  6. Create a layer mask on the new layer and mask out part of the image.
  7. Save and close.
  8. Go back to Lightroom and export your finished image to the Hand-in Folder.


Project Details

  • Client DUE: Jan 29
  • Date January 27, 2015
  • Tags ACP Labs

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