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The artist of the Week is Brian Smith.

About Brian Smith –   SALT LAKE CITY, UT, UNITED STATES – bpd studios is a commercial photography studio in Salt Lake City, led by Brian Smith.

Ever meet someone that didn’t fit into normal or just functions on a different channel than everyone else? Well that’s Brian S Smith.

Brian S. Smith was born to be a photographer? Maybe.

Living his whole life with two thumbs gave him an advantage others did not. He never learned what failure was, and never had limits to his dreams. At 19-years-old, Brian had his first full-time job shooting for an art directed magazine and from the first day of that job he knew it was the type of photography he wanted to do.

Brian’s photography experience, training and world perspective gives him the unique advantage of intimately knowing and understanding the advertising process and being able to seamlessly produce the art director’s vision. He also believes that a strong creative partnership is crucial in bringing about the perfect image, “For me it’s like the art director and writer partnership: what would most advertising campaigns be without both of them working together? I like to create that same partnership when it comes to the production of a campaign. It’s always going to yield a stronger image.”

“When people ask me what I do, I often pause for a moment not sure what to say. I am a photographer, but I am also a cyclist, Father, husband, inventor and a great kisser. I don’t actually make a product, but like inventors, I am a problem solver and that’s what I love about photography, cycling, father and husband. Each one of these jobs I have requires me to be challenged on a daily basis.”

The past 4 years have been great for bpdstudios despite the economy and the ever changing and saturated photography industry. “By all accounts we very successful, long client list, beautiful studio and an amazing staff we have found what works for us and do it well. We probably won’t be winning any major photography awards, but its not what we are about. We don’t see the projects as something for us, but for our clients and their success is what important to us.“


Digital capture, styling, prepress, Digital Manipulation, Books, Catalogs, product photography

Visit us at For questions about the studio, contact our Studio, at 801.553.8398.

Critique the Artwork of the Day

What elements and principles are used? Composition Rules? Are there shapes and forms? What is the subject? What does it communicate and HOW? Break it down into Elements, Principles and Composition.


Line, Shape, Value, Form, Texture, Color, Space


Balance, Emphasis, Rhythm/Repetition/Pattern, Scale/Proportion, Unity/Variety, Contrast, Movement


Fill the Frame, Rule of Thirds, Triangle, Frame in a Frame, Leading Lines, Circle, Rhythm, Positive/Negative Space

Please sketch out the composition and critique the photo below in your photo journal:

Draw the shapes and lines in this composition on your critique sheet. Where does your eye go? Stop? Why? What two principles strongly make this photo interesting?

Discuss the composition? How does this photo compare/contrast the previous photo?

What is communicated in this photo? What are the contrasts? What is dividing and what does it divide?

What are your thoughts about how this photo portrays food?

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  • Date November 6, 2014
  • Tags Featured Artists
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