Color Shapes


By Annie Ruiz

By Annie Ruiz

Color Shapes

As a photographer, it is important to be able to see as an artist. Professional photographers look at the whole frame of the picture that they are composing as if they were creating a painting. This challenge will force you to do the same in order to organize the elements within the composition.

Compose an image within the frame that has up to three solid color, flat shapes that work well together. The shapes should have sharp lines to define the contrast between spaces. Keep the image SIMPLE and ORGANIZED. It shouldn’t be cluttered or complex.

The subject matter is open to many possibilities. Be creative. Get in close. Try something unique. Capture just a part of the subject. Creating shapes is easier when you fill the frame with the subject, using the frame itself to help create the shapes. You can shoot small (toys or dishes) or large (architecture).

Creativity in setting up a shot and create meaning. Using Photoshop to clean up  and enhance your image.

Upload your Photo

YOUR PHOTOS MUST HAVE YOUR NAME AND COPYRIGHT EMBEDDED FOR CREDIT. Embed your info with your Metadata Preset in the Import Dialog Box in Lightroom when importing your photos. After you upload your photo, turn in your PDF Contact Sheet to the Hand-in Folder BEFORE DUE DATE to receive a grade. Grades are not issued without a contact sheet.


FILENAME: Your#-YourName-Assignment-Description.jpg.

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