Build your portfolio using the provided InDesign template (you should customize it for your own style. Include photos with notes/artist’s statements.


Include these sections in your portfolio:

1. Title Page

  • Your name.
  • Photography quote (optional)

2. Camera Skills

  • Extreme Shallow Depth of Field
  • Motion Blur – Slow Shutter Speed
  • Freeze Action – Fast Shutter Speed
  • Layers/Deep Depth of Field
  • Night Shot
  • Long Exposure

3. Composition

  • Extreme Leading Lines
  • Simplicity/Minimalism
  • Emphasis
  • Perspective
  • Point of View
  • Upshot
  • Rhythm
  • Repetition
  • Harmony
  • Balance: Symmetry
  • Balance: Asymmetry
  • Balance: Radial

4. Compare & Contrast

In this section, compare two photos in separate frames or combine them side-by-side in Photoshop.

  • Mergers – Same subject, with and without mergers
  • Framing – Same shot, poorly framed, well framed
  • Warm/Cool – Same photo, one warm tone, one cool tone.
  • Seasons – Using an older  photo that you took, go take the same photo again in the same location. Time is irrelevant.
  • High/Low Resolution – Compare a high res and a low res version of your photo. Make it noticeable.
  • High/Low Compression – Compare a highly compressed photo with a low compressed photo. Make it noticeable.
  • Color/Black and White – Same shot, one color and one B&W.
  • Wide/Telephoto Same scene shot in wide and Telephoto.
  • CONTINUOUS/BURST MODE – A series of photos taken sequentially that show movement or other creative action.

5. Black & White

  • Black and White Photos
  • Monochromatic toned images

6. Portfolio

  • Senior Photo Shoot
  • Skill Builders
  • Other photos taken this semester
  • Any other of your own photos you wish to include
  • PLUS – Your Final Project, with several secondary shots (good rejects).

7. Favorite Photographers

  • Include three of your favorite photographers and their photos.


We will be printing the portfolio on the Photo printer in the Photo Lab.