SB3-Blend Modes and Texture

Skill Builder 3

Layer Blend Modes and Texture Overlays in Photoshop

What’s covered:

  • Adding New (empty) Layers
  • Layer Fills (Option Backspace)
  • Layer Blend Modes
  • Foreground/Background Color (Tool palette)
  • Layer Opacity (Layers Palette)
  • Blur/Gaussian Blur
  • Applying and Blending Textures
  • Layer Masks
  • Eyedropper Tool (sampling color)


First, watch the two videos below for a demonstration. Make notes of the tools they use.

Then, using one of your photos from this semester:

  1. Use blend modes to enhance your photo as demonstrated in the videos.
  2. Add and overlay a texture to your photo using  blend modes. Mask where needed.
  3. Save the PSD file in your assignments folder, then output a JPEG and turn it in to the Trapane Hand-in Folder.

Use textures located in: StudentCommon/Trapanes Room/Textures.

Free texture images can also be found at or

FREE Texture Images


Click on the links below to open the video viewer:

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=xbU3C_2v_qU width=720 height=480 anchor=”Layer Blend Modes”]

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=2M95qhgD2GE width=720 height=480 anchor=”Texture Overlays”]

Other Videos

For more advanced techniques, check out these videos:

Using blend modes to replace a sky

How to Add a Background Texture to a Portrait in Photoshop