TUTORIAL: Skin-textured Type

You will be completing a tutorial about using layers, selection tools and other Photoshop essentials for this assignment.

The files for these tutorials are located on the network drive under:

Student Commons/Trapane/Photo 1/PS Tutorial

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  1. Complete the tutorial through the link below.
  2. Using the TEXT tool, CREATIVELY include your name and period in the image.
  3. Save it as a Photoshop file in your TUTORIALS folder (create one if you do not have one yet) and name it TUT-periodnumber-PSTSkin-yourname.psd.
  4. Then also save it as a JPG (File: Save As)
  5. Turn in the JPG to the Trapane hand-in folder.



The tutorials link is here:


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  1. In Photoshop, when you are using the MOVE tool, make sure that the boxes next to “Auto Select: Layer” and Show Transform Controls” are checked in the tool settings bar just below the menu.
  2. If you get stuck, try to figure out another way to accomplish the task.
  3. To combine images, use the tabs on the working window. You can drag one image to the other tab and it will open the other image. Then drop the image onto it.
  4. Too use the brush on the mask, the foreground color needs to be set to black. Look at the bottom of the tools palette to set it.
  5. All the files used are royalty free.