Re-sizing Photos for Weekly Uploads (updated)

Size Limit

Yes, there is a 500KB filesize limit of the photos you can upload. If your photo is larger than 1024 pixels wide, it will probably be too big. Internet resolution only requires a 1 megapixel photo or less to show it full screen, so 1024 pixels wide is the recommended size. This limit is to conserve space for our 250 students on the blog (and so you can learn how to resize photos).

Check the filesize of your photo (in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder). If it is greater than 650KB, you will need to resize it. You should resize it to be 1024 pixels on the long side.

Re-Sizing at School

To re-size photos in Photoshop, click here for instructions.

Re-Sizing at Home

If you don’t have Photoshop at home, you can download a free photo editing software from Google called Picasa.
To re-size photos in Picasa, click here for instructions.

Re-Sizing Online

You can also use Pixlr, an online photo editor that is virtually a scaled down Photoshop. It has many useful tools for editing photos.
Another option is using, an online editor and library for your photos.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to save your resized image with a different file name so you maintain the original file.

NOTE: DO NOT RESIZE YOUR PHOTOS FOR CLASS PROJECTS THAT WE WILL BE PRINTING IN CLASS. These instructions are only for images to upload to the website. You will need to use a higher resolution for printing.